Replacing batteries in smoke detector is triggering alarm


How do I stop the smoke detector from going off when replacing the batteries? Every time I put in the batteries it triggers an alarm. And of course I forgot to place the system in test mode so the fire truck came out.


Replacing batteries in a smoke detector should not trigger a fire alarm. It would trigger a tamper alert at the panel when opening the sensor, but this wouldn’t be a fire signal.

What model of smoke detector are you using?

How old is this smoke detector? What is the replace by date?

It looks like the smoke detector zone labeled “Downstairs” triggered multiple fire alarms in a row, and it looks like it still shows low battery. Can you confirm that is the one you were changing?

Hey Jason,

Its a 2 gig Smoke & heat Alarm.

it says replace in 2023, made in Oct 13.

Correct its the downstairs one. I forgot to call the center to go into test mode and every time I put the third battery in it goes off… I did try to hold down the button to hush… hence the multiple issues…


If the smoke detector immediately goes into alarm when powered up, there would be a problem with that detector, that’s not normal when replacing batteries.

It is likely that detector has a dirty or damaged sensing element.

You can place your account on test mode through the Surety System Manager on the Test My System page.

With the system on test, power up the sensor and leave the batteries connected. Does it go into alarm?

If it does, leave the batteries in, does it stop alarming after a period of time?

how long is a period of time? I let it go for 18 mins and it didn’t stop and pushing the hush wouldn’t do anything either.

and it goes straight into alarm.

Ok, yes it definitely sounds like that smoke detector sensing element is likely bad. Is it visibly dusty?

From the manual:

Clean the alarm once a year. To clean the alarm, remove it from the mounting base. You can clean the interior using compressed air or a vacuum cleaner.

Blow or vacuum through the openings around the perimeter of the alarm. The outside of the alarm can be wiped with a
damp cloth.

After cleaning, test the alarm by pushing the Test button. If cleaning does not restore the alarm to normal operation you need to replace the alarm.

thanks Jason, it looks pretty clean… I will try the vacuum.

Is there anyway to stop it from alarming to the panel as its pretty noisey.


You could temporarily mark that sensor zone as unused in programming so that the panel is not listening for smoke detector signals from it. It looks like that is Zone 21.

Enter System Configuration and scroll to zone 21. Scroll down to change the RF Sensor Type to Unused.

Hey Jason,

Can you check I did it correctly. I marked it as disabled. Before I take it out of test mode.


Hmm, I am still seeing the Downstairs Smoke detector listed in your equipment as a fire zone.

Would you mind posting a photo of the sensor programming for that zone where you set it to unused?

I believe I turned off notifications only. :frowning: I just fixed it to unused.

Yes, that would be the setting to change. Zone 21 is no longer reporting as enabled in ADC.

You may want to do that for zones 22 and 23 as well (the High Heat and Freeze detector zones for the Downstairs Smoke) if you are going to replace that device. However those weren’t the zones causing the alarm issue, it was just the smoke detector portion.

Sounds like a good idea. I need to buy another one for this place.

Ok so I finally got a new backup battery and installed that.

I think I have the downstairs smoke off.

Question when I get a new one, I just need to put in its code and enable 21 and turn the notify back on for 21,22 and 23, correct?


Yes, when you get the new Smoke detector, replace the Sensor TXID for zones 21, 22, and 23 with the new sensor’s TXID, and re-enable them as the proper Sensor RF type.