Replacing Bad Door Sensor

I have a door sensor that has been going offline then back online sporadically over the last few months. I purchased a new 2Gig thin door contact (2GIG-DW10-345) to replace the old door sensor (the old sensor was from a previous Honeywell system we had prior to getting the 2Gig panel).

My question is – how do I go about swapping out the sensors (I know how to physically remove/replace – just need to know what I need to do on the programming side. Also. Do I need to contact the monitoring station?

Thanks in advance!

Never mind, didn’t realize it was so easy! I just changed the serial number on the sensor and changed it to Loop 2!

If the zone number for your sensors changes, you will want to email to let us know sensors were changed, but if you are just replacing a sensor in the same zone slot, that isn’t necessary.

You can contact the central station directly to place the account on test if you plan to test an alarm signal from the new sensor (recommended).

And yes, if replacing with a new sensor of the exact same model, serial number is the key thing to change. If a different model, verifying the loop is also important. Sounds like you got it!