Replacing a 2GIG smkt3-345 smoke detector

I believe my smoke detector has reached it’s EOL. It has been reporting a low battery even with fresh batteries and the light constantly flashes between green, yellow and red. In fairness there is a sticker on the unit that says “replace in 2022.”

I’ve read that I might be able to use compressed air to clean it out to extend the life a bit, is that something that possible?

Long term, replacing it might be the best solution. Are there any recommendations for replacing it? I’m using a GC2 panel.


Cleaning an expired smoke detector will not extend its life.

An ionization smoke detector uses a small amount of a radioactive element which decays over time and renders the device less effective, there is no way to reverse that.

A smoke detector must be replaced once expired. The SMKT8 smoke detector for 2GIG panels is available below: