Replace control panel in dealer supplied system?

Unhappily my dealer no longer supports my 2gig/ system and so I replaced a defective TS1 keyboard myself. Since the new TS1 is on firmware version 1.13, and the system was on 1.9, as expected the new TS1 did not pair. I upgraded the firmware on the control panel and on the existing TS1s to 1.13 and now the alarm and control panel work fine, but none of the TS1s will pair. You probably remember that other people have had exactly this problem, fixed only by replacing the control panel. See

So if I buy a new control panel from you,

  1. Can I unsnap the cellphone module from the old control panel and use it in the new one?
  2. Can I transfer service to you if my dealer releases my cellphone module ?
  3. If the dealer releases the module, does the system stop working until you pick it up? If so, how long is it out for?
  4. If I transfer service to you, can you back up the existing control panel before I remove it, and restore the settings to the new one?
  5. Do you think this plan will restore my ability to pair my keypads?