Replace ADT with 2GIG/Qolsys

We moved into a house with an ADT Lynx Plus panel, couple door sensors (look like Honeywell 58XX) and a motion sensor installed. I’d like to replace the panel with a 2GIG or Qolsys panel, taking over the existing sensors and potentially add new sensor?

Would the project be possible/easy to do?

My goal is to replace the old ADT keypad with a panel of latest technologies with minimal effort and wiring.

Thanks in advance.

2GIG Panels are natively compatible with 5800 series Honeywell wireless sensors, so using a GC2 or GC3 would represent the least amount of change required.

Qolsys would need a wireless translator to translate the the Honeywell 345Mhz signal into GE 319.5. Note that the translator is not for life safety devices, so switching to Qolsys would mean replacement of any Honeywell smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that may be attached to the existing system.

The existing cabling powering the Lynx keypad can be reused, simply swapping the power supply at the other end with the included power supply with your new panel.

Thank you Warren. Sounds like 2GIG would be easier, that’s probably what we will go with. Do I need to disconnect the sensors from the current panel first before I connect them to a new 2GIG panel? Could you forward me an instruction if you happen to.have one? Thank you!

No, security sensors do not need to be removed prior to adding them to another panel. The sensors themselves do not pair to a parent device, they simply broadcast a signal that the panel is programmed to listen to based on their sensor id. The following thread links go over programming tutorials for 2GIG sensors, programming would be essentially identical for Honeywell versions. If you have any questions on programming specific models, we would be happy to help! Just let us know the model number of the sensor you are working with.

Pay close attention to the loop number of the sensor per manufacturer’s instructions. Loop number determines how the panel listens to the sensor broadcasts.



Z-wave automation devices, if you have any, do need to be removed before re-adding.

Thank you Jason and Warren. I’ll report back on my experience and learning once I set it up.