Repeaters for my Yale Lock?

I plan on installing me Yale z-wave lock a far distance in my home from the main control panel. I understand its sends an encrypted signal and not every other standard z wave devices will repeat its signal. I will have the CT-100 thermostat in the middle, does that repeat the Yale signal? Also what light switches repeat the Yale encrypted signal. I plan on installing a few wall switched that will easily create a strong repeating network but want to make sure it will repeat the yale lock encrypted signal.

Any Z-Wave device that uses a beaming signal will be able to repeat the Yale signal. A beaming signal is important because it will be able to “wake up” the lock. However, not all devices have beaming capabilities.

The CT100 should be able function as a beaming repeater if it is added to the panel once AC power has been applied to it. If it is learned into the panel while only running off of AA batteries, the thermostat will not function as a repeater.

The light switches are a little more tricky. As far as actual Z-Wave switches are concerned, it looks like many of the models made by GE/Jasco are capable of repeating a beaming signal. It may require some research as to whether the specific model of switch you are planning on installing/purchasing is capable of beaming.

There are also a number of items in our store that are capable of beaming signals.

Something to keep in mind when installing a Z-Wave lock a long distance from the panel. Add the lock to the panel when it is within 10’ from the panel. There are a couple ways you could do that. 1) Adding the lock prior to installing, then installing it in its permanent location. 2) Actually take the panel off of the wall and add the lock to the panel after it has been installed while holding the panel close to the lock.

The lock will not be able to learn in through a repeater signal. After all of your repeating devices have been installed, you will also need to run “Rediscover Network” command from the panel in order to get the network functioning correctly. The Rediscover Network command can be found in the Advanced Toolbox in the Z-wave menu of the 2GIG panel.