Repeated motion notifications skybell

Randomly, skybell started giving multiple motion alert notifications every 30 seconds-1minute or so. Firmware UTD.

Based on the title of the thread I would like to clarify that the GC3 firmware does not in any way impact the function of the Skybell.

The Skybell does not communicate with the GC3, just your local wifi. (Also looks like your GC3 is updated now, glad that is resolved!)

There were prior reports from Skybell HD users of similar activity, and a firmware update resolved the issue. It looks like you have the latest production firmware but we’ll check with ADC if there is a beta firmware version that directly addresses this issue.

In the mean time, we’ve sent a command to reboot the device. A power cycle is a good step any time you notice a rule or schedule stops being followed correctly. Let us know if you notice any difference. We will follow up here regarding the possibility of firmware.

Yeah was able to get firmware updated yesterday. I deleted and reinstalled the skybell yesterday as well and that seemed to help.