Repairing Schlage BE469 with IQ2

I recently had to clear all devices on my IQ2 panel. I repaired all the devices without any issues. However, the Schlage BE469 does not want to pair. Here is what I’ve done:

  • Reset the Schlage lock by removing the battery and restoring the power with the Schlage button depressed. I received the three check flash, reset good!
  • IQ2 panel set to add z-wave device and include
  • schlage loch code is Schlage button - program code - 0 to initiate pairing. The lock responds with the red x indicating the lock was not enrolled.

Is there anything else I am missing to repair the lock? Do I need to clear anything from the IQ2 panel? Already cleared all devices. Is there something else I need to do on the lock?


You would typically still need to use “Clear Device” first if re-installing a Z-wave device. “Clear All Devices” does not do the same thing and the parent network information would still be active in the device.

Try Clear Device > Activate the Lock’s learn mode. The panel should indicate a device has been cleared (even though it is not on the panel currently)

Then try adding again. Any luck?

That worked, thanks!