Removing Sensors from 2GIG Panel?

How do I delete a sensor out of the system? I ordered 1 too many and it keeps triggering the panel.

To remove a sensor from the panel, simply go into the installer toolbox and do the following.

  1. Go into system configuration.
  2. Press the right arrow until you get to the sensor you want to remove.
  3. Press the down arrow once.
  4. Press the left arrow until the sensor has been changed to unused.
  5. Press the down arrow until you get to the RF sensor ID number
  6. Replace the current number with 7 zeroes.
  7. Press the up arrow until you get to the sensor name.
  8. Press End.
  9. Make sure the box marked “Save Changes” is checked.
  10. Press exit.

Logo>enter installer code> select ‘system configuration’
right arrow to device number (zone)
Down arrow
Change to ‘00’ Unused
Down arrow till you see RF device serial (7digits)
Change to ‘0000000’
Click next, skip, end, exit

This video may be helpful as a visual.

Buried a little, but found it. Thanks… :slight_smile: