Removing Garage Door from Account

Hi, all!

I’m trying to get a MyQ Garage Hub set-up. I was able to get it all working on MyQ, but when I went to delete it from their service so that I could add it to, I accidentally removed the connection between the Hub and the Door Sensor, making it so couldn’t do anything. There may have been a way to reconnect the two without doing a factory reset, but I went that route–however, I now can’t set up the MyQ Garage Hub because it’s linked to, and the option to remove the serial number from their system isn’t available to users for some reason.

Could someone remove my current garage door for me so I can restart the connection process?


You may not need to have it removed to resolve your issue.
Once logged in to, go to Settings then Manage Devices
Click Add Device → Garage Door → MyQ Internet Gateway
Click Next
Click Add Device
You should see your Gateway serial # there, click Continue
The system will then walk you through the steps to add the garage door - for my system I just had to go and press the Learn button twice on the garage door wall button panel.

It sounds like they have factory reset the device and the connection is down now, but yes you can otherwise set up the doors in as well if this happens again.

The gateway has been removed from the account so you can set it up again.