Removing a Keyfob from 2GIG

I purchased equipment from SURETY DIY last year including two key ring remote access. I was wondering how I could disable one of the remotes should it be lost. I found the location of the key fob on the wall component, but I do not see where I can delete it.

To remove access to a keyfob, enter System Configuration using your installer code.

Press “Skip” twice to skip the wireless security zones and wired sensors. Once at Keyfobs, scroll to the desired Keyfob and press the down arrow. Change the “Fob Used” field from (1) enabled to (0) disabled.

This alone will remove its functionality. If you want to clear the serial number you can tap the down arrow twice and press the delete button.

When done press Next, Edit Next, End, Exit Saving Changes. The panel will reboot.