remove ZWave device

Hey guys, could one of you have the “Removed” ZWave device cleared from my account. I removed and re-added the power meter some time ago, but have never had it cleaned up. Thanks!

Sent a command to delete that for you. Let us know if you do not see this in ten minutes or so. You will need to log out and log back into ADC in order to view the change.

Hey Jason, I just checked back and the device is still listed. Interestingly, it now shows “OK” for a status rather than “Malfunction.” Do you think that I’ll have to remove the device from the panel again (currently working as “Whole House Power”), and have you clean both up and then add back?

It shouldn’t be necessary to remove the device again, however, if it is a duplicate of an existing node the device may need to be powered down so ADC can confirm it does not currently exist and delete it. Can you power it down completely and let us know? We’ll push another command.

Okay, hardwire pulled and batteries removed.

Command was resent. Can you verify in about 10 minutes whether this was effective?

Okay, so both instances of the device are now gone. Will I need to re-learn it now? Is my history lost?

It looks like that is necessary in this case with the power meter. However, historical data can typically be transferred on the back end (if re-added quickly). Let us know when the device is re-added.

I’ve now added the device back. Please restore my data! :slight_smile:

Command sent. In about 10 minutes try logging out of ADC and logging back in to check the data.

Looks good. Thanks!