Remove NEST thermostats from ADC

Hello - I added 5 Nest thermostats on my ADC account but would like to remove them. Just to confirm, it seems I can only control on/off, heat/cool/auto mode and target temperature from ADC, and am not able to program automation (e.g., turn a/c off when doors open), is that correct?

Thank you as always and please let me know when the Nest tstats are removed.

No problem. They’re removed now.

The features available with the Nest integration are:

  • Current target temperature control
  • Current mode control (Heat, Cool)
  • Scene thermostat control including:
    • Temperature control
    • Mode control

Surety Team,
I am planning to replace my Thermostats and wanted to see if Nest is activated by Admin on the back end, I will be able to add it to my ADC account? I heard there was a period of time that integration was disrupted but wanted to make sure that has been restored.
The one I am planning to get is Nest Learning Thermostat.
Thank you

You can manage Nest support in your plan in the system manager, and you can then add a Nest thermostat in the website. There is no current issue with adding them.