Remove MyQ from

I am upgrading my MyQ Gateway to MyQ Bridge, and read on another post the only way to disassociate your current MyQ configuration is via the dealer panel. Can you please remove my current association so that I can re-associate with the new Bridge?

Also, it looks as if the integration is now an option with a regular Chamberlain/Liftmaster account vs an entire takeover with a custom account, which doesn’t allow you to use other integrations, the MyQ App, Amazon Key, or other integrations. Is that correct, or does still require a full takeover?

I’ve sent a command to remove the current Gateway so you can set up the new one.

As far as I am aware and can see via the current process there have been no changes to MyQ integration. You will still use the serial number to register the gateway through

If you don’t mind, where are you seeing information regarding linking an existing MyQ account, etc.? It might be something upcoming.