remove malfunctioning image sensor gc3-image2


In the past on this forum, I have written about my troubles with my 2gig gc3 image-2 sensors. One of my image-2 sensors alone is responsible for nearly all of my false alarms while we have been away on vacation for the last 2 years. It happened again while we were out of the country recently and I’m sick of it. Away mode is completely useless because of the false alarms.

Tonight, my suspicions were confirmed that something is wrong with the unit in question. When I attempted to hit the front factory reset button on it using a pin, instead of the LED flashing red, like its supposed to, nothing happened. My other units flashed red and reconnected with my GC3 master panel. This one didn’t do anything, but its still broadcasting warming information like tamper and low battery.

Can anyone tell me how to properly remove my image-2 sensor from system, so I can go about replacing it with something that won’t call the cops to my house for no apparent reason?


I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such trouble with that Image Sensor. While hardware problems are rare, they are definitely frustrating.

You can delete any sensor from GC3 programming by entering system configuration: System Settings > Installer Toolbox > System Configuration > Wireless Zones. Scroll to the malfunctioning image sensor zone and tap the Trash can icon next to the zone name to delete the zone from programming.