Remote Triggering Alarm

Is there a way to trigger your alarm to go off when remote with a GC2 and ADC?

For example, if I am traveling and I see a guy in my backyard via cameras, but he has not broken in yet, it would be nice to trigger the alarm and send the police

If this is not possible, could you suggest this feature to ADC

In-app Panel Panic is actually an optional feature released recently.

Audible remote panics are only available on GC2 1.17.01+ firmware, IQ Panel 2 and 2+, and IQ Panel with 1.6.3 firmware.

If you would like to enable in-app panel panic please let us know via secure message here.

I’m not sure about your jurisdiction, but in mine you would be fined by the police department for having monitored alarm dispatch them for a “trespass”. Are you sure that someone being in your backyard is in fact an event worthy of dispatching police away from other things they may be addressing?

Perhaps my jurisdiction is more strict on this, as they require alarm permits and you are penalized for false reports as well. If you get “too many” false reports in a calendar year they stop responding to the alarm company’s dispatch requests.