Remote Temp Detector Reading is Frozen

Hi, I have DSC Power G PG9905 with wired probe and I installed it in my sauna. The rage of the Power G device -22F- +158F . I installed the prob to the height where the temp is never gets above 130F at max heater.
Now for a day my page and the web page show that I have 124 F there, while it is 73.5 inside.

I ran a test of the PowerG device from my panel and the device has strong connection and shows correct 73.8F, but it is stuck to 124 F at my app and the web. I think the problem with temp probes came back with new firmware.

There is an issue we noticed with the IQ Panel 4 with regard to the PG9905 where in the temperature never changes unless the device exceeds a threshold or returns to within the thresholds. It only reports the one change to (or ADC only processes the one). The same issue is likely occurring in your case with the IQ Panel 2+. released some commercial specific monitoring package options for PG9905 temp monitoring not available to normal residential accounts. We reported this PG9905 behavior to ADC and Qolsys. Qolsys was working with ADC to find out if this was an undocumented behavior that is now expected without commercial specific temp monitoring features (which I would say is a terrible decision if true) or if it is a bug with the implementation. I haven’t heard confirmation one way or the other, so I just reached out again to our contacts about that.

Thanks for your prompt and honest answer.

I have Qolsys Pane 2 plus. I ran the sensor thru the threshold once .

The temperature in the room is 95°F,
so the sensor is reporting the correct temperature, but it is not displayed correctly with app/web interface.(always 78°F)

To clarify, the sensor needs to detector a change in temperature that breaks a threshold. I don’t believe you can test by changing the threshold to be less than the current temp.

A fix regarding the PG9905 temperature monitoring was referenced in the newest firmware from Qolsys for the IQ Panel 2+. This may help resolve this behavior:

Thanks for standing behind the product. Upgrading the system right now. Hope it works better. :slight_smile:

Let us know what you find!