Remote resetting Z wave

I am remote and one of my zwave devices says “malfunctioning”. It’s an outdoor outlet swtich that controls my front landscape lights

#1 what is causing this? It happens every now and then to various devices (somewhat infrequently)

#2 I think I cleared it last time by rebooting panel and running rediscover network. Is there anyway to do this remotely because I am traveling and my front landscape lights are on all the time and I can’t turn them off

Rediscovering network fixed it but I had to wait until i got home and landscape lights were on for 24 hours. A need to rediscover network remotely would be nice

We’ll be rolling that out very soon with our new System Manager feature. Stay tuned…

System Manager will be available very soon, which will include many new system control features streamlined for end users including installer code reset, Z-wave device equipment list sync with ADC, system reboot, etc., however remote network rediscovery is not possible at this time.

We’re already working with ADC on adding that functionality in the future, but there would be no ETA.