remote program GC2 (ex vivint) over POTS?

Hi, do you have the ability to unlock Q44/Q45 on an ex vivint GC2 using the POTS module?

I can flash the firmware (have done the -> 1.13 reset), have removed the locked cellular module, and added a POTS module.


Surety can only access the panel Q’s via ADC Airfx. They don’t use POTS monitoring at all as far as I know.

Without being able to reset the Q44 programming lockout first, you will not be able to setup POTS monitoring anyways.

The downloadable software needed to do the Q reset is not available. The only feasable way to reset the Q44/Q45 lockouts is to add a new cellular module, activate it with ADC sevice, and have the provider/dealer you setup service with remotely reset the Q’s via Airfx.

Once you do get the Q’s reset, and then decide to go POTS monitoring (telephone line), you will find that most of the panel features and functions will not be usable, and there will be no smartphone app remote interactive access. No cameras, no image sensors, no two way voice, no weather/severe weather alerts on panel, no advanced home automation (rules/scenes will be local, and limited to arming states), etc.

No, we do not utilize the POTS module and remote programming cannot be performed that way.

All communication through requires an active cellular module. Broadband internet backup communication is available by way of the Go!Bridge.

For information on how to get started with service using an existing panel, this page goes over everything you may need!