Remote options for disabling a zone?

I have a smoke detector that issued a nuisance alarm and resulted in fire trucks.
It is a redundant unit and is on its own zone, and I would like to disable that zone remotely until I can get to the house and investigate. It may be weeks before I can get there to deal with this, and I’ll probably just replace the unit with a new one, as I don’t want to risk this happening again.
I went to the login, and there is no blue checkbox to turn off that zone. How can I disable that zone without flying half way around the world?

Smoke detector zones cannot be bypassed, but if you have a smoke detector you feel is malfunctioning and would like to eliminate false alarms, we’re happy to help out. We can disable the zone for you.

If you would like us to disable that zone in your panel please send a secure message here with that request and include the zone number and name of the smoke detector you want removed. You would receive an email confirmation when complete.