Remote IQ2 Stops Talking

This has happened 3 times now within a month where my remote IQ2 panel functions properly but stops talking. I no longer announces when a zone is opened although it show up on the screen. It doesn’t announce when the system is armed and in what mode or when it’s disarmed although you can arm and disarm the system from it. The first time it happened I did a reset on the remote panel it did some type of update and it worked for a week or so. The next time it started working again after I had to unplug it and move the panel because of moving furniture around in the bedroom. It’s now doing it again.

My IQ Panel’s software is 2.4.2-ADCS 6.19 ADCL 6.19 and the Remote Panel software is 2.4.2. The Remote Panel asked me to enter my code so i could access the software information but said nothing when I opened a window.

This was a known issue where the IQ Remote could stop chiming, announcing. It was addressed in Firmware 2.5.0.

Firmware patch notes can be found here.

The most recent firmware update is 2.5.2. You will want update the firmware from the main panel (which will also push the update to any connected IQ Remotes as well)