Remote access per my phone

I purchased a Verizon module and update cable with service from you.

I’m having trouble with my alarm system receiving signal from my phone I tried activating the alarm with my phone but sometimes it does work but most of the time it doesn’t. Is there anyway I can help improve the connection. My alarm system has a teleguard tg-1 communicator do you guys have something to activate that.

We do not monitor Telguard communicators, as they will not work with

There does appear to be delays between remote inbound signals and acknowledgement receipts. This can be commonly caused by the carrier tower, module error, or a cellular network extender on site.

Do you happen to have a network extender? If so, your module will need to be placed on the device white list.

If not, the first step would be powering down your system completely. Leave it powered off for 3 minutes. Then power back up, battery first, then AC. After a minute or so, send a manual cell test. Then test inbound commands. Does this resolve the issue?

im not sure but I haven’t been able to remotely activate my thermostat or alarm I can view it just not control it I’ve even left the screen for several minutes but no response. I cell phone test it fails then Retries it gets signal but it’s not consistent. Is there maybe away to boost the signal.

The signal strength on your account is actually very high. The issue looks to be tied to one of the three things I mentioned above.

Have you powered down your system completely for 3 minutes? Please try that and power back up if you haven’t yet.