Registering sensors with the QR code reader

Newbie starting out with brand new IQ Panel 4. I tried to register new sensors with QR code on sensor box with reader on IQ panel. The panel did not grab the code on the half dozen different sensors I tried. No problems with the tamper method of beginning the registration. Just curious if I am missing a step, clumsy or if the scanner is inadequate. The little window on the screen is opening up and I can see the code on the screen, it just doesn’t grab it like a QR code reader on my Android phone. Thanks

This may seem silly, and it may have been tried, but try moving the code a little farther from the camera. It may be too close to register.

Likewise if it was farther, though I think being too close is more common for those.

Of course I moved the boxes every which way till I made myself crazy. I finally got about 1/3 to work by holding my cell phones flashlight up to illuminate the QR codes. The “Tampering” method was 100% effective.

Thanks again Jason!