Recording Rules for SD Card in 3rd camera

I recently added the 3rd SD card in my camera but I am getting an error " You have reach the maximum number of OnBoard recording schedules. I need to have this card enabled to allow me to record the data locally on the camera. How do this get increases to allow me to have this 3rd camera active for the SD Card? I sent a request to support from another chat I saw but no response since I sent the request.

Hoping your can assist!

A response was sent to your PM yesterday at 9:54 am. Let me know if you can’t view it in your PM list. Click on your account icon in the upper right and select the messages icon.

To enable support for all cameras with onboard recording please visit the system manager here . You can choose the Onboard for all cameras option in the SVR drop down menu. This will disable SVR support.

If you have an SVR connected to your account it will need to be deleted first. If not, you can switch at any time.