Recommendations on 2gig motion sensors

Based on reviews I’ve seen people don’t seems to really like 2gig motion sensors (2GIG-PIR1-345) - Any other recommended motion sensors that will work with a 2gig system?

I don’t consider the 2GIG motion detectors to be the best available, but I think that some of their reviews are unfair. We install numerous 2GIG motion sensors every week and find them to be reliable. They communicate well with the panel well and the mounting bracket works just fine. That being said, here are the problems I’ve experienced with them…

  1. They don’t have the best pet immunity available. We’ve had better luck using Honeywell motion detectors with cats or large dogs.

  2. There was a bad batch released last year that had problems with the battery terminals and sometimes even a brand new detector would report low battery. We were almost always able to resolve that problem by spinning the battery a few times or sanding the battery contacts lightly with fine sand paper. This was a frustrating problem and probably drove many installers crazy because there were a lot of them with this problem. Once in a long while we run into this problem even now, but not often anymore.

I have never seen a 2GIG motion detector fail to detect motion after the 2 minute setup period.

If you’re concerned, the Honeywell 5800pir-res or the Resolution Products 2GIIg compatible motion detectors have always worked very well for us. We still use 2GIG motion detectors most of the time and they work well but sometimes we use 5800pir-res instead.