Recommendations for wired digital doorbell chime

I’ve got two ADC-VDB750 doorbell cameras and I want to install a wired, digital doorbell chime. Each door should get it’s own sound, and the volume needs to be adjustable. Is there one that allows custom tones? I could just put a simple mechanical wired one, but I was hoping to be able to remotely control the volume and tone. Any specific recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!


The ADC-W115C Smart Doorbell Chime is compatible and supports the features you are looking for. This device plugs into the wall via AC adapter, but communicates over wifi.

It allows for adjustable volume and custom tones, which can be controlled remotely via the platform. This chime is specifically designed to work seamlessly with your ADC-VDB750 doorbells, ensuring that each door can have its own distinct sound.

You can find more details about the Smart Chime in the forum post here and the product manual is linked here.

Thanks @awsuretycam! Yep, I was this one (the ADC-W115C), however it’s not wired, it’s wireless. Is there a similar version like this that is wired?

There is no specific preferred or recommended brand/model of wired chime, I wouldn’t be able to confirm one to meet those criteria.

It would be best to inquire with a local hardware store or online seller for models of digital chimes that might offer volume and independent tone control of multiple inputs.