Recessed Door - magnet too strong!

I am installing my system. The sensor for this patio door works great in terms of communicating with the system. However, the door needs to be open a ton before the sensor reads the magnet as being far enough - see attached. How do I “weaken” the magnet strength?

I found my answer in another post. These needs to be on handle side. How do I order replacement plastic housing for the recessed door sensors? (Silly question - do I NEED the housing at all? Can’t the sensor just stay in the drilled hole without the plastic housing?

Check the instructions for the DW20. Unfortunately you do not want to install it on the hinge side of the door like you would a plunger type sensor. The DW20 should be installed handle-side.

Yeh - I see that now! Please see my second post on this thread.

The casing for the sensor protects the internal components from damage due to dust, shock and vibration, etc.

You technically could use it without the casing in a pinch, but it would need to be stabilized. Are you unable to retrieve the casing?

I am not… and I made this mistake twice :slight_smile:

What’s the best way to stabilize it?

If you have no way to retrieve/reuse the casing, you might try using electrical tape to make a makeshift sleeve for the internals.