Recent false "alarm" CS calls

I guess I recently set off the alarm and was called by the central station.

This happened after I disarmed the alarm from the phone, then opened the window.

I did notice all my lights were on (which get triggered by the alarm)

But the alarm siren never went off.

Not sure if it was because of a split second difference between everything but was weird. Any ideas?

Well, the siren going off can be easily tested by setting off an alarm (make sure the account is in test mode) remote disarm commands can disarm a panel in alarm status.

I would bet the disarm command wasn’t received by the panel until moments after the window opened. Your panel will announce “Alarm, [insert zone descriptor]” before the siren. This would result in an alarm signal being sent and the panel being silenced.

CS will only call on alarm right? Is there a time limit to disarm before the central station is involved or is that only with a delay programmed?

I get confused sometimes.

During a delay, the panel will beep. After (insert delay seconds here), the alarm will sound and central station is involved correct?

There is the “entry delay” which is when you first open the door, the panel beeps and you are supposed to disarm it. You can also program a “dialer delay” (Q35) which can be enabled or disabled for each sensor. The dialer delay means the panel won’t send a signal to the central station until after the alarm has been sounding for that amount of time. The purpose of the dialer delay is to help prevent false alarms but it decreases security.