Receiving unwanted notifications through

I’m receiving notifications for every event that happens, even though I have it set that we shouldn’t when our phones are within the Geo fence. It started happening a couple days ago.


Happy to help! Here is a similar question regarding Geo-Services and notification filtering, and a description of possible causes.

There are quite a few possible causes, as any reason that data may not have been on or geoservices inactive when entering your fence would cause an issue, but generally only a few different troubleshooting steps are required.

First turn off Geoservices in your app. Then go into the website to Settings > Geo-Services and click on your device name if it is listed. Click on the trash icon to delete it.

Wait a couple minutes, then go back into the app and turn geo-services back on.

Try deleting the notification, wait a couple minutes, then make a new reminder notification with the same parameters, using the new instance of your phone as a geo-device. Does this resolve the issue?

Also, similar to the other thread, it looks like you are using the minimum radius fence of 1 mile. recommends a minimum of 2 mile radius to ensure best function overall.