RE116-U siren and 2gig - Follow Sounder is Crazy Loud

I have setup a RE116-U Siren to the open collector, exactly as in this video:

On Q78 in the CP, I have set it to “(11) follows internal sounder alarm and status”.

Our issue is that upon opening the doors, the RE116 has an ear piercing “siren” (warble?).When I originally purchased it, I thought it would beep/follow along.
(and I’ve experimented with every chime option - FYI the shortest/quietest one is a solo “chime #2”, which is a fraction of a second shorter than “voice only”…at least when the voice is set to say, “garage door”)

My outcomes are this:
#1 - To have an audible reminder in our garage, upon returning home and entering the garage, that the alarm countdown is happening.
(To remind my forgetful family members to get their tails inside and disarm the alarm)
#2 - To have a secondary alarm sounder in the garage, which in the event of an actual alarm, has a higher chance of someone outside/neighbors hearing it, as compared to our CP which is inside the house.

Ideally, I would love for the volume control & audibles that already come from the 2gig Control Panel, to be “mirrored” in the garage.

Maybe a TS1 the best option for achieving the above outcomes?

I’m not opposed to the TS1 option, but the reason I didn’t further pursue it is system integrity. (Isn’t it a further security risk to have additional access/disarm points around the home?)

Is it optimal to have a TS1 out in the garage, and not negatively impact the integrity of our overall system?
(Because as far as the functionality of the TS1, that seems to be our ideal solution for this application.)

Thanks for your input!

I wouldn’t put a TS1 in the garage. Typically it is not a environmentally regulated space, and operating temp range is going to be an issue depending on location.

One option may be to use the RE116-U and program Q78 to follow exit/entry beeps, then use a Zwave siren for alarms. This would remove other status/chime beeps.

The 116-U is definitely more abrasive than the sound the control panel produces.

Could you use a TS1 just inside the home from the garage door?