RE104 GE - Qolsys

I just purchased one of these for use with my QolSys. It registered fine with the QolSys (Type: Door Bell / Group 25 / Chime: Door Bell). Qolsys says status “Closed”, which I assume means good. However even if I wave a magnet in front of the magnetic sensor it doesn’t make any chime noise on the panel.

Did I do something wrong?

The RE104 registers large objects disturbing a magnetic field. There is also a sensitivity adjustment using the jumper on the board. See the attached image.

Have you tried setting it for high sensitivity?

Also, I do not know that using the “Door Bell” sensor type will produce the proper serial number on the Qolsys panel. The second to last character for the sensor ID will populate based on the type of sensor you select. It needs to match the serial number on the RE104. For the Sensor Group you can still select Local Safety Sensor Group 25 for a number of different types (doors, motions, etc.) and this is the Chime only no alarm signal sensor group you want.

What is the serial ID on the RE104 sticker?


I tried high + medium sensitivy. Their video shows that waving a magnet in front of it should trigger it (it doesnt). Sensor ID: 56-0006-01_RevA00

The Sensor ID should be six characters. Try this: In programming, select for the Sensor Type: Door/Window. Then select for Sensor Group: 25 Local Safety Sensor.

Does the sensor chime then?

Sticker: 7058A1. is that it?

I changed to to Door/Window as suggested. Wave a magnet in front of the capacitor thing and still no chime - door a large van in front of sensor and no chime. When the unit was in learning mode, I heard it clicking. THere is no clicking when I move the magnet in front of it. Sticker: 7058A1.

Yes, 7058A1 would be the ID. And door/window will populate an A for the second to last character.

There is a faint clicking sound when it detects movement. On higher sensitivity you can sometimes get it to trigger by simply turning the sensor around in front of you. Can you check to make sure the batteries are not loose?

You can verify the serial ID matches if you go in to edit the sensor settings.

Unfortunately none of these suggestions have made it chime. might I have a defective unit?

It is always possible that the unit’s detection is defective.

How did you learn it into the panel?

Do you have other sensors which chime normally? If not it may be beneficial to check your chime settings. Go to Settings - Master Code - System Settings - scroll to the Chime Settings section. Make sure the boxes are checked.

I have many devices - namely door/window - that make the ding-dong sound when the door or window is opened or closed. I did check the Chime settings before I posted to the group. Before we go with the RMA, is there a surefire way to trigger the sensor. I can bring the unit next to the panel and try to trigger it. I tried a magnet and also moving the unit around and nothing worked. let me know thanks, john

Moving the device or bumping it abruptly with the palm of your hand should trigger it. Everything around it in relation to its magnetic sensor will appear to have moved.

Holding the device near the panel… Bump, twist, swing, nothing sets it off. also, if I remove the battery and replace, sensor goes into “Tampered” state on the panel and wont come out of that state. I have to remove the device from the panel and re-learn it.

Would you be able to take a photo of your panel programming screen for that sensor and attach it here? Go to the Edit Sensor section in settings and select that sensor.

I removed the device and relearned it. Settings attached. When I turn, swing and bump the sensor, it does NOT click at all. It clicks when I remove/replace the battery for learning.

If you cannot get it to detect at all, it is likely malfunctioning.

Did you get it from suretyDIY? If so here is a link to our returns policy.

Yes purchased from you all last week - i wont have bugged you so much if not. I dont have the box anymore. Is there anyway to get a cross ship? When received ill put the old back in the new box and return? thanks for all your help with this. - john

Absolutely; you can go with the second option if you’d like to use the same box to return.

2) you can purchase a replacement for us to ship out, the cost of which will be refunded once the defective equipment has been returned to us.

I ordered, paid and received a replacement from you and it worked as expected immediately and perfectly. The previous one must be defective. please send me RMA info. thanks, john

The Return Form is located here. Please send it in to us with the part and packaging for the refund.

Good to hear the new one gave no problems.