Re-use Account

We recently moved and decided to switch vendors with our new system. I tried filling out the survey after purchasing the central monitoring gold subscription. When I submit, I’m notified that the username is unavailable.

Is there a way to fix this?

It looks like you are referring to using an email address as the login? The form will not allow special characters and periods. Please select a desired username without special characters. Note that you have control over changing your username later at any time in under settings.

We already have an existing account (that happens to be our email address.) Is there a way to use that account instead of creating an additional one?

You cannot use an existing account username unless that account has already been cancelled. You can change your username back to whatever you wish after getting started though.

Note that you would be receiving a new account - how our service works can be found here. Your module needs to be unregistered from, which means that if you have an existing account it would need to be cancelled.

It looks like this may be in reference to a 2GIG Panel. This page goes over everything regarding getting started with a 2GIG panel.