Re discover myq wifi

I want to re-discover my home wifi network on my Myq liftmaster garage door opener. How do I do this? Seems like I can’t use the myq app since the opener is linked to, but I don’t see a way to do it on app either.

Just to be clear - I want to make sure my garage door opener is connected to a particular wifi network. Thanks.

Chamberlain does not allow wifi settings updates via its integration with ADC as far as I am aware, and their instructions for all recent products use the MyQ app.

If you need to restore wifi access to your overhead, we can delete it from the account, you can link it to MyQ and update, then delete the gateway from MyQ, and add it back to ADC. It’s a bit clunky.

Send us a private message to request the delete if needed.

(For non-Surety subscribers reading this, reach out to your provider for help removing if needed)

Ok yes can you please delete it from the account?

It looks like there may be a couple accounts this may be relevant to. Please send a private message with this request and include the address needing the MyQ devices removed.