Random Tamper Alarm

Had a tamper alarm last night on a bedroom window. I looked at the ADC activity and saw that it shows tamper, end tamper, and then the sensor shows closed. I see this twice on a period of a couple minutes. There is no sensor open alert.

I looked at the window and sensor and found no sign of tamper. I removed the cover and put it back on.

Was this a random alarm? Or an early sign the battery is failing? Or sensor need replaced?


It looks like when you removed and replaced the cover the sensor tampered again for just a second then resolved first, followed by a longer tamper event when you actually pulled off the cover.

Based on what I see in the events, I would expect this to be a physical issue with the tamper switch, potentially just a loosely compressed switch where minor physical interaction or vibration might trigger it.

It may have been a somewhat loose cover that was resolved when you checked it out. I don’t see any other tamper events after that longer one. I would replace that sensor if it occurs again.

You can test it just by tapping at the front and side of the sensor cover to see if that triggers a tamper without removing the cover. If so, I would replace.

What type of sensor is this? I say this as I encountered this on a massive scale with my “MightMouse” sensors that I had from my 2Gig panel that was translated to my IQ2+…so if you are using the super low profile “MightyMouse” sensors then they had some defect that resulted in them dying (perhaps it was a mouse trap?).

That’s a good call out, but that particular issue specifically hitting Mighty Mouse sensors was due to the fact the sensor itself reported tamper instead of low battery. The effect in that case doesn’t really fit the pattern of what we see here.

These sensors are qolsys mini window/door sensors. I performed the test that Jason recommended by tapping on the cover. It did not show as tampered so I am assuming the little button inside just needed to be decompressed and reset. If it happens again I’ll replace the sensor I guess.