Rainbirb Irrigation Programming

I now have my Rainbird connected to me account, I have not yet found out where to program the my sprinkler head zones. I do see in the Suretydiy app a place to run a program but nowhere to enter a program. I looked in both Alarm.com and Suretydiy apps. Thanks!

Irrigation is only found in the Alarm.com App, it is not available through the website. Not all features of the manufacturer’s app will be present but you can find the ADC controls by tapping the irrigation card in the ADC App. Full program setup is not available at this time.

There is no irrigation icon in ALARM.com. Irrigation ‘card’ what and where is that, please be specific? Thanks

Irrigation control is located in the Alarm.com mobile app. It is not found on the Alarm.com website.

Click the menu icon in the top left of the app and scroll to the Irrigation link. You can also scroll down from the homepage of the mobile app to locate the card.

Are you not seeing the Irrigation card in the Alarm.com mobile app?