Rain Bird Zones Missing

I just added my Rain Bird controller to ADC but I am not seeing zones. Also at the time that the rain bird was connected somehow my garage door hub was knocked off line? Not sure why.

The two services are not integrated and would be coincidental, or the issues have the same cause. Can you confirm internet access is currently up at the location? If internet access had a hiccup both Rain Bird and MyQ would be affected.

We’ve tried sending a couple equipment update commands and are awaiting those to fully process. To troubleshoot, it might be good to try to power cycle your Irrigation controller. After a few minutes from boot up, any luck on zones?

Internet is up and running. Rain bird is connected and running. However no zones appear in the ADC app. Now the liftmaster hub is flashing a blue and green led. I tried unplugging router and liftmaster hub.

I just went through the installation instructions for the liftmaster hub and reconnected it to my router so that is now working. I have tried cycling the power on the rain bird controller but I can’t get the zones to appear on ADC.

We’ve sent a few equipment list update commands and no devices are populating. Can you confirm the number of enabled zones you have in the rain bird app?

The best next step would be to completely remove the integration to start from scratch. We will delete the unit on the ADC side. Please toggle the ADC integration off in the Rain Bird app, wait a few minutes, then toggle it back on. Let us know when that has been done and we will reconnect the Rain Bird controller on the back end.

OK I turned the adc setting off waited 5 minutes and turned it back on in the rain bird app. It now seems all 5 zones appear in the adc app.

That’s great news, thank you for following up! I can see zones have populated and looks like the status is showing ok as well. Let us know if you see any further issue.