Radio modem network failure

Acknowledged alarm. Problem had not resolved. Been 24 hours now. What do we do next?

This does not appear to be related to a account correct? As such, troubleshooting I would have access to would be limited.

What type of panel do you use? Is this connected to

Note that acknowledging the alert will not make the problem go away. The alert will come back unless the underlying problem has been resolved.

Radio Modem Network Failure is an error which indicates the cellular network connection has failed, usually temporarily due to carrier network issues or changes.

This post here may be of some assistance.

Hello Guys…I’m also getting the Radio Modem Network Failure. I read the other post attached to this thread. I also did the Cell Test and it failed. I’m leaning towards this being an error on the network. When I ran the coverage test is what I get:
Verizon LTE (4G): Full Coverage
AT&T HSPA (3G): Error
Verizon CDMA (3G): Full Coverage
Of course I have the At&t HSPA 3G. So if I need to upgrade and looking at the Verizon LTE version. I see the Surety store has the 2GIG-LTEV1-A-GC3 but I was also able to find the 2GIG-LTEV-A-GC3 at a cheaper price. What are the differences between the 2?

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Regarding the above coverage test results, the error would mean that the carrier network map is not currently available or did not respond properly. You would want to try again later.

I am seeing poor signalling reported at the panel, has this always been the case? Have you moved the panel recently? What about its mounting location, is it near metal or located in the basement?

Once thing you can try is to power down the panel completely, transformer first then internal battery, and wait two full minutes. While waiting you will want to remove the GC3 cell Sled and re seat it. Then power up the panel battery first then transformer and run a cell test, any change?

The LTEV1-A-GC3 would be the newest version of the Verizon LTE Sled, this would require the panel to be at Firmware version 3.1.3 or newer. As a reminder, equipment does not have to be purchased through us in order to be utilized.

Hey Tyler…thanks for the quick response. I have not moved the GC3 location since it’s initial installation. Unfortunately the At&t 3G signal at the Alarm location has been poor. I’ve gotten the Radio Modem Network Failure in the past but it was maybe weeks between errors. Now it seems I’m getting these daily. I’ll try your recommendations and see if that helps, but if that does not fix would you suggest upgrading to the Verizon LTE module?

I’ll try your recommendations and see if that helps, but if that does not fix would you suggest upgrading to the Verizon LTE module?

If you are still seeing daily failures after troubleshooting it would be good to try switching carriers, yes. Based on coverage reports you would likely see improvement if the issue is coverage and not environment based.

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