Radio Modem Network Failure

The other morning, my father’s alarm panel reported a ‘Radio Modem Network Failure’ for about five hours. I am assuming because it says ‘Network’ its not an issue with the panel itself, but with Verizon’s network?

Prior to the outage, his signal strength wasn’t impressive, usually 10/31 even with the external whip antenna sold on this site. After the outage, he’s been seeing 26/31 - maybe a network upgrade near his house? The alarm hasn’t alerted to any other failures since this happened the morning of 9/6.

Just want to make sure there is no issue with the panel - Thanks!

Given the drastic improvement to the signal strength, what you are suggesting is likely. It may have been routed to a closer tower. It may have been other tower changes. Typically you do not see communication loss from tower alterations though. More commonly inbound communication will not be able to route properly during that period, but Radio Modem Network Failure indicates outbound had failed.