Radio Failure

Radio not responding, how to fix?

In general there are a few things to first check for if you see a Cellular Radio failure on your system.

  1. First reboot the panel. On a GC3 you would unplug the wall transformer, then battery.
  2. While the panel is powered down fully, try removing and re-seating the cell sled and ensure it is connected tightly.
  3. Power back up battery first then transformer.
  4. When the panel boots back up, wait 5 minutes, then check the radio status: System Settings - Installer Toolbox - Radio Status. What do you see for signal strength?

One additional thing to check is the firmware. It looks like this panel is still on launch firmware. It is actually being reported as non-production, which is strange. It would be good to update the firmware on your panel. This can be done with a USB drive.

Firmware files are found here. You should upgrade to 3.02 first. You can then upgrade to any of the later files.