Rachio Zones Renaming

I Use to be able to rename Irrigation zones in alarm.com website. Use to go to settings and devices. I just try since i add new zone to my rachio setup and it only transfer as zone 9. I no longer can find how to rename zones in alram.com Can you please assist on where that section got moved?

Those should be in the manage devices page, but I am not seeing them. I reached out to Alarm.com for info. We can’t edit those on our end either.

Do you think is because controller was changed. And now something is not syncing up. Can you completely remove my irrigation controller and the option on my account and re add everything so I can log in just like it’s the first time we added. Maybe it will work after. I have Rachio 3

Can test that, I’ve removed the Rachio link. Go ahead and re-add within the app.

Re add completed. Still no irrigation zones in devices list.

I’m seeing a full list of Rachio zones on your system and it looks like zone 9 has a name now.

Yes you are correct, but that is because we removed and re add my controller so it transfer names at initial log in. I’m adding two more zones and i like to change names at times when zones change. It use to be there in devices list so you can change. where is it now? We need to find out where ADC move that list.

For now removal and re-adding the link is a work-around. They did not move the list, it looks like Rachio is just not showing on the devices page as expected. ADC says they are investigating at this time.

Thank you Jason,

Will contact you on Monday once I add my other zones so we can do this again.