Rachio out of Sync

All of the times regarding events on my irrigation section on ADC do not match the times on my Rachio app.

Are they all different by the same amount? If so what is that difference?

If the difference varies, please let us know the actual times and the ADC times listed for a handful of examples.


Backyard Drippers 8:15 PM Yesterday
Citrus 8:30 AM last Thursday
Courtyar Planters 7 AM Yesterday
Front PLants 8:15 AM last Thursday

Rachio APP

Front Plants 6:15 Am last Thursday
Courtyard Planters 7 AM yesterday
Citrus 8:30 AM Lazst Thursday
Backyard Drippers 8 AM Sat

So it looks like its random differntials and there are no times my Rachio is indicating watering in the PM unlice the ADC ap

I did swtich controllers and deleted the old controller from the system a few weeks ago

What is the version of the new controller? Can you provide the label details in private message?

I’ve sent a sync request to check the Rachio device list. Let me know if this helps sync the times or not.