Quick Question- Adding Garage Doors

I just had two Liftmaster 8550W openers installed. They do have the wifi. Do these need to be connected to my 828LM or can they be directly connect to my router via wifi?

Good question! The 8550W is a wifi overhead opener which would not need to communicate with any other gateway.

If you already have a Gateway listed in ADC you would need to submit the serial numbers of the new overhead unit gateways via secure message and request they be added to your account. Unfortunately only the first gateway can be added through the ADC user website at this time.

Thanks for the quick reply. I had it at our previous address and then did not have Surety service for a few months, until we moved. I think we have a new account now so not sure if it needs to be deleted off our old account? I sent a message with the serial via the secure message tool. Thank you again!

It appears as though a secure message has been received, however it appears that the serial number submitted was for the 828LM.

If you want to add the 8550Ws to your account, you can add one yourself and then submit the second one to us via secure message.

Thank you Tyler! I misunderstood about the serial numbers. I’ll send the second one via secure message this weekend, after I get the first one up and going.