Questions on Configuring 2GIG System

On my 2GIG-PIR-345, can you explain 04 - Interior Follower vs 10 - Interior with Delay?
In both types, is the Motion detector disabled in Stay mode?

Also, If I purchase an Image Sensor, will this simply replace the PIR-345?

I also think I don’t have the door by the panel set for delay. This is the door we always use to enter/exit the house. Is it typical to set this door for delay?

Do you have a suggested programming config for systems? I have just learned by reading the 2GIG programming docs.

Interior Follower will trip an immediate alarm if the sensor is armed in away mode and no other sensor has been tripped before it. Interior with Delay will begin a countdown if the sensor is tripped while the system is armed in away mode if no other sensor has been tripped before it.

Example: If the system is armed to Away and you walk through a door programmed as entry/exit, the motion detector will not sound an alarm while the entry delay is in effect. If someone comes through a window or door without tripping the sensor, a motion detector programmed as interior follower will immediately alarm when it is tripped, but a motion detector programmed as Interior with delay will start a countdown.

In both cases, if your 2GIG system is armed in Stay, the motion detectors will be deactivated but the rest of the sensors will be active. This allows you to walk around the house without the concern of tripping your motion detectors.

If you purchase an 2GIG Image Sensor PIR Motion Detector it does not necessarily have to replace your PIR-345. The image sensor will need to be programmed into your system and will be an additional sensor.

Generally speaking, it’s best to have the door you plan on entering from and exiting out of to be set with a delay. It could be set as a perimeter sensor if you remember to arm and disarm the system with your phone or keyfob after you’ve left the house(arming) or before you’ve entered the house(disarming).

Part of the account set up includes programming configuration being set to our standard parameters. Which can be changed by customers as they wish. However, for security purposes, I don’t want to post what our configuration settings are. You can view them by:

  1. Go to the System Configuration in the Installer Toolbox.
  2. Press Go To
  3. Enter 05
  4. You can scroll through the programming questions by using the up and down arrows to see the configuration settings we have setup.

Along with what Jay said regarding the standard programming that the account will initiate when set up; to set up your entry points with the designated delay, under Sensor Type select “Exit/Entry 1”. We make the default delay the shortest allowed, 30 seconds, but you can absolutely change that if you wish.

So can I assume that all sensors marked as Exit/Entry 1 will have a delay configured automagically? Is this the same for Exit/Entry 2?

All sensors that you give the type Exit/Entry 1 will have the delay that is programmed in Q6 and all sensors that you give the type Exit/Entry 2 will have the delay that is programmed in Q7.

Q6: Enter entry delay 1, in seconds (30-240)
Q7: Enter entry delay 2, in seconds (30-240)

We normally set entry delay 1 to 30 seconds and we don’t use entry delay 2 but you can if you like.