Questions on Arming with a New 2GIG Panel

I have just received my 2GIG system and I am just getting the hang of everything. I was unclear about a couple of things however:

  •      The panel can be set to “Arm (Stay)” and “Arm (Away)”.  I understand the difference, but how do I select which sensors are active in each mode?  If I have door sensors and PIRs, I assume that only the door sensors are active when I set “Arm (Stay)”.  Is that correct?

I would like to be able to set a specific PIR to be active whenever the system is armed, whether “Stay” or “Away”. I have gone through your tutorials and users’ forum but haven’t found my answer.

May I get some guidance on how to assign sensors to activate in the different Armed modes?

  •      Also, how do I change my Installer Code?

Good questions:

The only difference between Stay and Away is that Stay does not arm Interior Sensors. So typically, all motion detectors would be programmed as Interior Followers, which would not be armed during stay.

To set a PIR motion detector to be armed during stay would require a different Zone type to be programmed in. 2GIG does not have an equivalent zone type for “Interior” sensors. You can however just program this zone as “Perimeter” instead, which will set off an instant alarm during Stay or Away. We typically wouldn’t recommend doing this, but depending on the case it is indeed useful.

Keep in mind, if programmed as a Perimeter sensor, will assume it is a door or window and describe it as such on the “sensors” page. You can name it appropriately though and ignore that.

The video below shows how to change the installer code: