Questions about my Z-Wave doorlocks

Do you have any resources on detailed setups regarding Z-Wave doorlocks?

I’ve got 2 Kwikset locks installed with my XTi. A few questions that I can’t find answers for.

When you manually lock and unlock the doors from either the inside flip-switch or you use the keypad, should the status be updated to the panel? Also, should the panel stay synced with the login?

Also, my XTi always shows the status as red. Even if I locked them from the panel. Do they ever change? The message says “open doors are in red” yet they’re locked.

Is there a way to label the door locks in the panel? I do have them labeled on the page.

I noticed this box under the zwave settings, just under the option to push updated info to the touchscreens. Something regarding pairing. Any idea on what that means?



Thanks for posting!

1.) Unfortunately, the keypad on a Simon XTi does not update automatically. In order view the current status of the lock on the panel, you will have to press the Update Zwave Devices button in the Zwave menu on the keypad. However, the status of the lock should be updated on your shortly after the lock is locked/unlocked. However, you may need to refresh or reload the page in order to see those changes made.

2.) You may have to press the update doors button in the Zwave menu in order to get an actual update on the status of the doors.

3.) Unfortunately, there is no way at the moment to name the different Zwave Devices on a Simon XTi.

4.) According to, the pair sensors menu is a function that was added to the Simon XTi a long time ago to create rules. It has since been made obsolete by the increased ability to create rules on the website itself.

Thanks for the response.

Regarding the the status on If someone manually flips the lever or uses the keypad to lock/unlock, does it “skip” status updates to the XTi and update the site? Does that make since?

Any idea on why I lock via the XTi but it still shows the doors in red as if they are unlocked? Will that red door font ever change?

I agree, that it doesn’t make sense. However, after consulting with GE tech support on the matter, they assure me that is in fact the way it works. The panel requires a manual update to show the status of the lock, but will get the information and change the status in closer to real time.

For some reason, it seems as though the XTi is not configured to provide real time updates for Zwave devices. Again, after consulting GE tech support, they tell me that you have to press “Update Locks” in order to show the actual status of the locks.

It’s an incredibly cumbersome way to manage Zwave devices so hopefully they will release and updated firmware sometime down the line to improve it’s usability.

What should I do if the doesn’t show the correct status of the door? For instance, my front door’s been locked for 10 minutes or so and the still show’s it unlocked. The door was locked manually.

Thanks for all your help!

Also, I just ran a rediscovery (assumption that’s the same as the referred “update z-wave devices”)on the Z-wave devices from the XTi. It said it was successful but didn’t reflect the current status of the locks correctly. Nor did it every change the door that it shows lock from a red font.

Update with some findings. My basement door Kwikset will almost instantly send a status to both the XTi panels and when you manually unlock or lock. It’a amazing. Spot on every time. My lock on the front door, never sends a status to either. I bought them both at the same time from the same vendor. I’ve removed and re-added the front door several times over the last few days. Never gets better. I can send the commands but it never updates a status by itself. I wonder if the system favors the Door 1 on the system? Any suggestions?

I noticed this ebay add talks about the module versions and updated code. I’ll pull both my cards and compare them later.

Took the z-wave cards out and swapped. The behavior followed the z-wave module. The module that always responds to manual locks and unlocks is this one that says Rev. 1.3/2.1
Rev 1.3/2.1

The module that doesn’t like to stay in sync with the panel nor transmits its status after manual lock/unlock is showing Rev. 2.6
Rev 2.6

I’m not aware of any incompatibilities between your control panel and your Kwikset firmware revision. Both of those pictured are the older Kwikset locks with green circuit boards. Newer Kwikset locks have a blue circuit board. We would have to upgrade your z-wave firmware if you had a blue circuit board but you should be fine with the green ones.

I did see a problem with z-wave communication for your front door lock. It wasn’t showing up as a neighbor of the control panel. I sent a full network rediscover command to your system and now the front door lock is showing as a neighbor. Can you test it again and let me know if it’s working any better now?

How far is the front door lock from the control panel? Is it more than 30 feet or does it have several walls between the lock and the control panel? You may need to install a z-wave plug in appliance module or repeater to keep it communicating well. If you do install a repeater put it between the control panel and the lock, closer to the lock. Then do a network rediscovery.

Another thing you might try is doing a hard reset on the lock that’s having problems. To do a hard reset on a Kwikset lock…

  1. Take out battery pack.
  2. Press and hold lock button on keypad.
  3. Put battery pack back in while continuing to hold down the lock button.
  4. Wait for it to beep 3 times. You’ll get 1 right away, then a pause of about 10 seconds, then 2 more beeps. After the 3rd beep you can release the lock button.

Let us know if any of these approaches help.

Thank you Ryan. I talked to the vendor I bought the locks from and they offered to replace one of the cards with a newer blue version since it was misbehaving. I noticed today the other module wasn’t showing the correct status like it was yesterday. Anyway, I asked for a blue replacement and ordered an additional blue module for the other door so they’ll match.

2 things I’ll need to do. 1, have the firmware upgraded when they arrive and 2, remove the old modules from the panel. One mistake I made there was I already returned mail’d the one module before I removed it from the panel. Doh! Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for taking the time. I hope this dialog helps someone else shopping or looking to setup doors as I have…

We can delete that lock for you remotely if you like. I don’t think there is any way for you to do it yourself without actually having the device in hand. Would you like me to delete it?

yes, please and thank you!

OK, all set.

It’s removed. Thank you again.

My blue z-wave units are out for delivery. Should I wait until they arrive to request the z-wave firmware?

It’s actually best to have the firmware patch for your Simon XTi pushed out to your system before you get the locks installed. We’ve noticed that the patch can have the side effect of requiring the locks to be learned in again after the update. This is not something that happens all the time, but it does happen. By pushing the patch out before you install your locks, you’ll only have to learn them in once.

I’ll go ahead and push out that patch for you.

I’ll remove the one leftover green z-wave card before you do if need be… It’s going away anyhow.

New blue cards are installed and ready for a firmware upgrade!

Any idea on what revision of software I should see to verify it’s ready for me to add the hardware? I did notice one revision change so far.