Questions about Flood/Driveway Sensors

I was curious how my 2gig panel would see these sensors. Would it see it as a switch or sensor? I would like to set up alerts for each and I wanted to know what I could do with these sensors.

If you are referring to the Resolution Products Flood Sensor and Driveway Sensor on our suretyDIY store, those would learn in and communicate the same as sensors (345 mhz RF). These would be non-reporting sensors (or the flood is often an auxiliary alarm), and you would create notifications through your service to notify you when they are tripped, specifying hours, etc. The driveway sensor is often used as a chime-only sensor, but you could set up notifications for it the same as any sensor.

These would also report open on your panel and locally chime.

If you are referring to something else, could you provide the model numbers of the devices you are inquiring about?

Those are the sensors I am referring to. It sounds like they will work as I would like them to. I would just like a text if my basement was flooding using the flood sensor. I would also like to have a record of someone pulling in my driveway or make the lights come on when a car pulls in the driveway during certain times.

Yes, all of that would be supported. You’ll just need to make sure you enable sensor activity monitoring for those sensors on your page.

You’ll also want to likely learn both of them in the 2GIG panel as zone type: 23 Non-Reporting
Sensors programmed this way will not alert the central station, but only send out notifications based on what you set up in