Questions about Add On Features

Just had some questions regarding some of your add on features.

First, Arming Schedules. Is this basically like setting the schedule on my thermostat? So I would schedule my alarm to arm every night at 8pm? Does it schedule disarm as well?

Second, Extra sensor Monitoring. So is this $2.00 for every 5 sensors I add to my system?

Next, what exactly is Smart Energy Management and Wellness Home Health Monitoring?

We would be happy to help. Let me tackle these in the order in which you asked them.

First, you are correct. Arming schedules allow you to set schedules for automatic arming and disarming. We’ve found this feature thus far to be used almost entirely by businesses who do not want to give all employees codes for the alarm. The use of notifications, geo-fence reminders, temporary user codes, and remote arming and disarming make arming schedules unnecessary for most other users.

Second, not exactly. This is for activity monitoring, not security monitoring. All sensors that your panel will support (i.e. 2GIG supports up to 48 wireless sensors) will be security monitored regardless of the package you select. Activity monitoring is an added feature with Gold Interactive that gives you the ability to check the status of sensors regardless of alarm status. So for example, you can check to see that a door or window is open or closed now, even when the alarm is off. And you can set up notifications for these sensors, such as every time the alcohol cabinet door opens. Activity monitoring does not apply to all sensors, for example the smoke detector is either activated or not activated (regardless of the alarm status) so there is no need to view its current status. For adding this feature beyond the 10 sensors included in Gold Interactive, you are correct. Add ons are 5 sensor blocks for $2.00/each.

Third, this thread gives some detail on the smart energy management add on -

And fourth, this article on our website for our full service divisions discusses the wellness home monitoring-

Please feel free to reach out to us if I’ve left any questions unanswered.