Questions about 828LM? Please help

Hi. I came across you’re site while researching and seeking out answers that livewatch and can’t seem to answer. Maybe you can help? I’d really appreciate it! I just got the livewatch security system - not overly impressed so far. Anywhoo…
I have this opener for my gate, and a lift master opener (post 1998) for my garage door (about 25 feet away) would the 828LM with 888LM work so that I could open these 2 (gate and garage) while in the app? I’m sort of running out of enthusiasm as its taken about 3 days so far and no one has answers.



A Liftmaster Opener should function with the 828LM and 888LM for the Garage overhead door, yes. Check here to verify your opener will function.

Unfortunately, the gate will not really work. Dedicated gate operators from Chamberlain/Liftmaster include built-in safety features and are UL listed for a remote control application through the app and Liftmaster app. Older operators are not compatible. I’m not aware of a working retrofit.

You would need a MyQ Compatible Gate operator at this time.