Question with Tilt sensor

Hey guys Gotta question my sensor shed door has tripped twice once today and then a couple days ago but this is a tilt sensor that’s installed cause it’s a roll up door instead a swing out door so would wind blowing cause this to trip I wouldn’t think it would cause it trip but then again idk

Yes, wind is probably the biggest potential false alarm trigger for a tilt sensor. Anything causing rough vibration on the door would be a possible false alarm trigger.

Lighter doors are usually affected more.

I was looking online what if I ordered one the powerg outdoor sensors that has a strong magnet that’s suppose to reduce false alarms

What is the model number of the sensor you are referring to?

Are you taking about getting rid of the tilt sensor and using the magnet/reed switch instead? An outdoor model of door sensor would have less false alarm potential in most cases, yes, especially with a wide magnetic gap.

Yes the pg312 outdoor contact

The sensor that’s on the door now is a resolution tilt sensor

If it fits on the door the PG9312 should work well, yes.

Ok great I’ll start looking for one