Question Regarding Upgrade Siren

Hey Guys since i just ordered the 345 iq panel will this siren work on it without anything else here is the specs
New Patented Piezo Dynamic Technology, 15 watt Dual Tone Siren, 100 MA (+/- 10%), 110 db (+/- 3db), 6-12 volt DC operation, High impact ABS housing, Weather resistant, suitable for indoor/outdoor use, New low-profile design 4 1/4" x 1 1/4" (106mm x 30mm), Light weight 3 oz (84 gms), Attractive Display Box this is what siren is current installed on my panel as we speak

A wired piezo won’t work without a separate power supply. The panel does not provide power across the siren terminals, they are just a relay.

However, that wired siren would be fine at 100ma to power via a 12 VDC power supply and switch on/off via the IQ Panel 2 relay.

IQ Siren Wiring

Ok I just went ahead and ordered a powerg siren from alarmgrid I selected 3 day shipping so I should get it this week and hopefully I will get my new panel this week since u all r in Ohio too